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Bees have always been a part of my life. As a child, I fondly remember helping my grandfather tend his bees. Back then, our supplies consisted of flour sacks with screen wire sewn in -- it was our only beekeeping tool. I never lost my love of bees, and I have to admit, getting some fresh honey from the hive today still brings me joy. It is my hope that you in the beekeeping industry find as much joy in your bees as I do in mine...and the modern beekeeping equipment I am able to provide from Pigeon Mountain Trading Company® sure beats flour sacks!

As proud supporters of honeybees, Pigeon Mountain Trading Company® offers a full line of beekeeping materials sure to satisfy the beginner or the expert. Pigeon Mountain Trading Company® is the only full service beekeeping supply house in our area, with the added service of honey extraction in our very own Honey House!

We are proud to offer our exclusive line of Pigeon Mountain Brand™ products. As a provider of beekeeping supplies, Pigeon Mountain Trading Company® saw the need for better quality products. We researched fabrics, types of wood, and the best quality craftsmen. We took the best of our findings and created what we think are products that can’t be beat. Pigeon Mountain Brand™ products are of the highest quality, but offered to you, our customers, at the most reasonable prices.bee

The Store Today...   

PMTC Building

Pigeon Mountain Trading Company® is a one-of-a-kind store located in the heart of LaFayette, Georgia. Founded on my love of bees, we are dedicated to providing new

and experienced beekeepers alike top quality products. From the simplest of tools to one-of-a-kind hives, Pigeon Mountain Trading Company® has a wide variety of products. Stepping into our store is like stepping back in time. Our products and services are reminiscent of a time gone by, an era when quality was heralded and personal assistance was top notch.

Even though our company focuses mainly on beekeeping, we are pleased to offer a variety of products we like to call “Owner’s Favorite Brands”. These are unique items from all over the world that I have come across in my travels. I just think these are great for anyone -- from copper to cast iron and unique woodenware, these are a great addition to our catalog.

We are also pleased to offer Pointer Brand products. All of these items are made in America in Tennessee. This brand has been around since 1913, and you will be thrilled with the quality of their items!bee



Look for the logo!

When you see it, you will know that you are

getting a Pigeon Mountain Trading Company® original!

These are items that we sought out just for our customers.

Some, we make just for us. Others have our "stamp of approval"!


Pigeon Mountain Brand™ Bee Wear...

michellePigeon Mountain Trading Company® has created our own brand of bee wear protective clothing. We looked at this market and realized that with our parent company, US Vinyl® Corporation, involved in the manufacturing of fabrics around the world, we can make our own bee wear and offer you exceptional quality and prices. All Pigeon Mountain Brand™ Bee Wear items are made from fine, 100% cotton fabrics, top-quality leathers and zippers, and feature extraordinary workmanship. All of our products are 100% guaranteed. Upon receiving your Pigeon Mountain Brand™ product, if you are not not pleased for any reason, you may return to the item within 30 days for a full refund of your purchase price! You can feel confident that only items we feel provide incredible quality combined with phenomenal prices will carry the Pigeon Mountain Brand™ label.

We are pleased to offer a wide variety of Pigeon Mountain Brand™ Bee Wear for the entire family! Our unisex line fits both men and women, and is available in 100% cotton, ventilated, and semi-ventilated options.

To create our ventilated bee wear, we take two layers of ventilated material and put a woven, mesh fabric in between. The ventilated fabric keeps you cool white the layering method prevents bee stings because their stingers aren't long enough to reach your body!

Our semi-ventliated bee wear is truly a customer creation! Many of you have asked if we could make bee clothing with the body made from ventilated material while the sleeves, legs and hood are made from 100% cotton. You reasoned that since your body gets over-heated, it needs the benefit of ventilation. But you prefer the lighter and less-bulky cotton for your arms and legs because it allows more freedom of movement. So we took your ideas and created a hybrid...part 100% cotton, part ventilated material!

Because women are actively involved in beekeeping, we created our own brand of women's bee wear, made to fit women! No longer do women have to wear bulky bee wear while working their hives, they can now wear bee wear made to properly fit a woman's body. And just because it has to be functional doesn't mean it can't be pretty!

And finally, we made sure to include our youngest beekeepers, and created a line just for them! With the same great quality of our unisex line, we offer 100% cotton and ventilated options. Sharing our love of beekeeping with children is one way we can ensure the future prosperity of honey bees.bee

Pigeon Mountain Brand™ Honey Extractors...

extractorThe Pigeon Mountain Brand™ centrifugal Honey Extractor is resilient, strong and guaranteed to perform well for many years to come. Our extractors are made from heavy-duty, food-grade plastic, stainless steel, and are available in either manual or electric models. They range in size from two, three and four frame extractors and go up from six frames to a 20 frame size. To ensure that your hive keeps buzzing, we have inventory in stock, such as gears, motors, transmissions and gates, so parts can be easily and quickly replaced.

Our “Little Tigers!” extractors are perfect for the small honey producer who has just a few hives. The combination of great quality and great price makes this stainless steel extractor perfect for even the smallest apiary.bee


Pigeon Mountain Brand™ Feeder Buckets...

feeder bucketsSince we keep our own bees, many of out Pigeon Mountain Brand™ products come from a need that we have. Case in point: feeder buckets. We needed a variety of sizes, and a lid that would work for corn syrup and a lid that would work for sugar water. Not being able to find what we wanted, we decided to make our own! Our Pigeon Mountain Brand™ Feeder Buckets come in one, two, four and five gallon sizes and are made to feed either 55 corn syrup or thinner sugar water. They are so easy to use! You simply fill them, turn them upside down and let the bees eat the food. In our Apiary we like to put something under the feeder bucket just in case there are drips--we use a sheet of plastic or metal with a few pine bark nuggets (which are safe for the bees to eat). Our feeder buckets are long lasting and are made of easy-to-clean food-grade plastic.bee


Pigeon Mountain Brand™ Observation Hives...

ob hives For the ultimate bee lover! These Observation Hives, available in six sizes, are ideally suited for your office, class room studies, nature displays, and science projects, or just as a leisure time activity at home. The wood is beautifully-finished furniture quality.

Our Pigeon Mountain Brand™ Observation Hives are made with safety glass that will meet all insurance specifications for public viewing. The sizes vary and some models rotate 360 degrees for maximum viewing pleasure.

On all but the mobile models, the observation base remains stationary and has a tunnel attached that goes to the building’s exterior for easy bee entrance and exit.

Certainly, the best method to learn about honey bees is through the use of a glass observation hive; you can safely view the day-to-day activities within the hive without disrupting or irritating the bees!

Pigeon Mountain Brand™ Observation Hives made of Oak are kept in stock at Pigeon Mountain Trading Company®.

All other woods -- Poplar, Cedar, Cypress, Black Walnut, Black Cherry, and Pine -- are custom orders.  

Our wood shop will custom-make display hives made of any type of wood, size, or request. Prices will vary depending on your specifications. Please allow three to four weeks for production and transport of custom-built hives.

Except for Cypress, the hardwoods are locally harvested from our farm on Pigeon Mountain in Georgia.bee


Pigeon Mountain Brand™ Ultimate Cedar Hive...   

red cedarThis beautiful, one-of-a-kind hive was designed and hand-crafted by our own hive craftsmen. Made from cedar, this unique showpiece is not only beautiful, but also weighs less than our cypress hives!!   

All of our Ultimate Cedar Hives are grown, logged, milled, dried and constructed on our Pigeon Mountain farm.

You won’t find anything like this anywhere else! Our Ultimate Cedar Hive with Copper Top Kit includes:

1 bottom board • 1 hive body • 1 medium super • 1 small super • 1 inner cover • 1 copper top • 1 entrance reducer • frames and foundation

Ultimate Hive Stand is not included. Lead time for this luxury item is two-three months.bee

Pigeon Mountain Brand™ Top Bar Hive...

greek hiveAccording to Wikipedia, the travelling pair of George Wheler and Jacques Spon witnessed a beekeeping method using woven tub-shaped top-bar hives in Greece in 1676. The photo you see here is Wheler's own detailed drawing from his work Journey Into Greece, published in 1682. Top bar hives have since been modernized and many beekeepers prefer them over the traditional Langstroth hives. The Top Bar Hive is often referred to as “The Natural Hive” because it is designed to mimic a hollowed-out tree, allowing the bees to hang their comb as they wish. It is a frameless hive, and the comb hangs free-form from removable bars. They require no heavy lifting and no extra equipment. The unique design of the sloping walls iescourages bees from building comb attachment to the walls. Best of all, harvesting is easy! Simply cut off the comb leaving approx 1/2" for the bees to rebuild.

Our Top Bar Hives are made of Cypress, which offers a natural resistance to decay and insect damage, and lasts much longer than products made with other woods.bee

Pigeon Mountain Brand™ Ultimate Garden Hive...

garden hiveIf beauty is just as important as ease of use, then our Pigeon Mountain Brand™ Ultimate Garden Hive is just what you need! We used all of the parts you can find in our catalog to create this super deluxe hive kit -- with a few great extras! Each super is hand stained, sealed and engraved, with the option of custom engraving available.

Our Ultimate Garden Hive includes:

1 Ultimate Hive Stand
1 Ultimate Hive Cover
1 bottom board
1 hive top feeder
1 Original Freeman Beetle Trap
1 entrance reducer
1 wood bound excluder
2 6-5/8 supers with frames and plastic foundation
2 9-5/8 supers with frames and plastic foundation
Hives are engraved on front and back, then hand stained and sealed. Custom engraving is available

Lead time for this luxury item is two-three monthsbee


Pigeon Mountain Brand™ Bee Smokers...

using smoker

 Just because we have lots of hives and need a heavy-duty smoker, doesn't mean you do! So we found a variety of sizes to fit every beekeepers need. We have "heavy duty" smokers for the large scale beekeeper. We have "standard duty" smokers for the smaller scale beekeeper. And for those with just one or two hives, we have the "tiny but mighty" sizes! Some have permanent fire boxes, some have removable ones. If you can't find a smoker to meet your needs...then you are too picky!!! Our Pigeon Mountain Brand™ bee smokers are high-quality smokers made from stainless steel.bee

Pigeon Mountain Brand™ Honeybee Healthcare...

our beeAt Pigeon Mountain Trading Company®, we know how important it is to maintain healthy bees. When Mother Nature alone can’t keep your bees in tip-top shape, you can depend on us to provide you with high quality, affordable Pigeon Mountain Brand™ healthcare products. Both of our products have been field-tested on our own hives, so we can guarantee their effectiveness.
And as always, our products cost significantly less than other products on the market! bee

Pigeon Mountain Brand™ Seed Packets...

buckwheatWe go to great lengths to make sure our bees have plenty of food over the winter...but what about spring and summer? We don't just rely on Mother Nature to provide food, we help her out! We plant wildflowers, clover and buckwheat. We keep a large amount of buckwheat growing for our bees in the summer months. We plant it three times each summer, usually about three weeks apart. Once a planting has matured and produced seed (when it stops blooming), we simply spread some fertilizer over it and till it up with a roto hoe behind our tractor. The buckwheat comes right back up again without reseeding, as the seed came from the mature plants tilled back into the soil. This provides our bees with a steady food source all summer long until the first frost. Because it blooms when other sources of food are very thin, we highly recommend it. It is one of our favorites!bee

Pigeon Mountain Brand™ Bottled Honey...

lotso honeyEvery fall, we pull the honey from our hives, extract it in our Honey House, and bottle it just for you! Our Pigeon Mountain Brand™ honey is pure, local, raw honey. It is unheated, unpasteurized and minimally filtered.
This dark, Wildflower Honey is delicious and perfect for any occasion. But remember, please don't feed honey to children under the age of one.bee

Pigeon Mountain Brand™ Jelly and Preserves...



The only thing better than honey on a hot buscuit is homemade jelly or preserves! Here at Pigeon Mountain Trading Company®, we have access to fresh fruit grown on Pigeon Mountain. We decided to use this year's harvest to make our very own jelly and preserves. Using Winesap apples, Bartlett pears, muscadines, scuppernongs, and blueberries grown right here in north Georgia, along with simple ingredients like sugar and lemons, we have created a that is made simply...and simply delicious!bee

owner favorite

As I work on items for our beekeeping products, I am lucky enough to come across things that I think you, our customer, will truly appreciate. Not all of these items are related to bees. But they are such great products that I felt the need to add them to our Pigeon Mountain Brand™ items. We are calling these “Owner’s Favorite Brands”.

These are timeless products -- things I grew up with and really just tug at my heartstrings. But it’s not just the happy memories I have that make these items my favorites, it’s the practicality and quality of each and every product that makes them timeless. All of my “Favorite Brands” are still used in my home, cabins and businesses. You can’t beat a good cast iron skillet for cooking. A galvanized heavy-duty wash tub comes in handy at the house and the farm. And hand-hammered copper is great for syrup kettles.

I have searched much of the world looking for the best products that can sell in the Pigeon Mountain Brand™ Owner’s Favorite Brands section. I think you’ll find these first offerings worth a look! And this is just the beginning...I will continue to add to this section as I find products worthy of being part of our Pigeon Mountain Brand™. I know many of you will enjoy these items as much as I do, be it to use them as they are intended to be used, or for decoration and conversation pieces. It goes without saying that many of you who are
raising honey bees will love these products and use them everyday.

As always, every Pigeon Mountain Brand™ Owner’s Favorite Brands sold here comes with a money back guarantee if you are not fully satisfied. And that’s as good as it gets.


            Steve W. McCloud

Owner's Favorite Brands™ Bath and Body...

soapSometimes, I find some of the best products right here in my own neck of the woods! Our newest Owner’s Favorite Brands™ offering came to me from a neighbor. Using our Pigeon Mountain Brand™ honey and essential oils, he hand made these soaps for me. I like them so much, I am offering them to you! The same goes for the All Natural Insect Repellent -- completely organic, with no harsh chemical! As with all Pigeon Mountain Brand™ products these products are guaranteed...if you are not pleased with the product for any reason you may return it for an exchange or your money back.ofb stamp

Owner's Favorite Brands™ Cast Aluminum...

scoopsCast aluminum is made by pouring heated molten aluminum into a mold. Our unique cast aluminum items are extremely light weight, making them great for everyday use! Because they are so light, they are easy to transport so that you will be able to use them anywhere. Cast aluminum is also easy to care for...just use non-abrasive clearners or a paste made with baking soda and water. Use either of these with a gentle, synthetic scourer and your sheet or cast aluminum will shine!ofb stamp

Owner's Favorite Brands™ Cast Iron...

cast ironThe cast iron that we use is made in a foundry in Mexico. This cast iron is heavier than any cast iron we have ever seen…anywhere! And the quality is beyond belief. Since Mexico is our neighbor, we often forget that they are a much older country that we are. Mexico was inhabited long before the Spanish Conquest in the 16th Century, and they were making cast iron before the United States even existed! So you can rest assured that the cast iron we sell is of the highest quality – with a rich history of excellence!

Although cooking with cast iron may seem like an old-fashioned choice in the kitchen, it really is a must in the modern kitchen. Cast-iron skillets conduct heat beautifully, go from stovetop to oven with no problem and last for decades. There are some great health reasons to cook with cast iron: you can use less oil when cooking, it is a chemical-free alternative to nonstick pans, and it fortifies your food with iron.ofb stamp

Owner's Favorite Brands™ Copper...

copperBrightly burnished copper makes some of the most beautiful cookware that you can have for your home. Our copper is hand hammered – yes, hammered out by hand -- from one block of copper at the mine.
This is the way it has been done for over a thousand years. And the quality is superb! Our syrup kettles and our copper frying pans come in a variety of sizes. Because of the hand crafting of each item, we can make custom copper items
just for you, based on your specifications! So starting wishing today: a copper bath tub, copper pots and lids of any size or shape…whatever you can imagine, we can probably get it made!

Copper is used by many cooking professionals because of its superior heat conductivity. You just never have "hot spots" so you can reach very precise heats. What this means is that as you change the temperature on your stove top, the temperature of the pot changes almost immediately allowing you to braise and brown foods to perfection. Cookware made of copper has a good weight – heavy enough to sit securely on your burners without being too heavy to lift easily with one hand. Plus, there is no denying the beauty of a shining copper pan. Home decorating magazines often feature kitchens full of copper pots and pans because they are just so visually appealing. ofb stamp

Owner's Favorite Brands™ Galvanized...

galvanizedDespite all the modern technology and conveniences that are available, sometimes nothing beats an old fashioned square washtub like Grandmother used to have. Do you remember the hand wringer washing machine that she used with the tub?? And farmer and gardener alike will love the heavy-duty galvanized sprinkler cans. All of our high-quality galvanized items are created in Mexico, where they are fashioned the same way they
were a century ago: hot dipped by hand. Galvanization protects products in two ways: it forms a coating of corrosion-resistant zinc which prevents corrosive substances from reaching the more delicate part of the metal, and the zinc serves as a sacrificial anode so that even if the coating is scratched, the exposed steel will still be protected by the remaining zinc. When simple production methods hold up to the test of time, you know you’ve got a product that will last a lifetime!ofb stamp


Owner's Favorite Brands™ Home Furnishing...

chess setOur unique woodenware items are all made by hand as they have been for many generations by local craftsmen. Most items come in two kinds of wood: mesquite and ebano. Mesquite is very dense and long-lasting. Ebano is from the ebony family and is an extremely slow growing, dense and beautiful wood. Both woods are very handsome looking and both are naturally resistant to insects and decay from moisture. Any of these unique items will make your home one-of-a-kind!ofb stamp

pointer brand

I am pleased to announce that Pigeon Mountain Trading Company® has come to an agreement to carry Pointer Brand Clothing. I am very proud to have been given this honor, as my grandfather used to wear Pointer Brand. In fact, when I was looking for a top-quality denim product to carry in the store, it was my Mom who reminded me of the quality of Pointer Brand.

The L.C. King Manufacturing Company was founded in 1913 and still operates today out of its same location in Bristol, Tennessee. The products are made the same way today as they were when first created: with an emphasis on quality first! All things in the Pointer Brand clothing line are made in the United States of America...from zippers to snaps…no foreign-made parts are used. And each piece is sewn by workers right here in America in the Great State of Tennessee! Pointer Brand makes the finest ranch wear, work clothing, quality dress jeans for men and women, work jeans in denim and duck clothes, overalls, jackets, coats, shirts, and more. You can bet all of it is made from high quality, heavy cloth, that is very well made for many, many years of use.

                Steve McCloud