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Foundations are a very important part of your hive, as bees are very particular. It is imperative that you find the right type of foundation that encourages your bees to be their most productive. There are a variety of options when choosing a foundation for your hive.

Wired Wax Foundation: 100% beeswax; more natural for the bees • Must be wired to stand up to the rigors of extraction.

Plastic Foundation: Coated with wax to encourage acceptance • Very strong when being extracted • Plastic core impervious to wax moths.

Cut Comb Foundation: Used only for those who want to use the comb in their honey jars • Very thin so the honeycomb you bottle is from your bees • Cannot be used in extractors without a big mess.

Drone Foundation: Help raise drone population for Queen rearing • Also used in Varroa pest management.



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