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Queen Supplies

A Queen bee is the most important member of the hive. Without her, your hive will not survive. The Queen is the largest bee in the hive and her two primary purposes are to produce chemical scents that help regulate the unity of the colony and to lay lots of eggs. Queen bees can live two or more years with proper care...and we offer a wide variety of tools and excluders you need to make sure she thrives!


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  1. Cell Starter Kit

    Cell Starter Kit

    All the equipment you need to rear Queen bees can be found in this cell starter kit. The kit includes: • One inner cover • One 9-5/8" nuc box • One bottom board • Three 9-1/8" frames • One Boardman feeder • One entrance reducer • One cell bar frame • 45 wax cell cups • Three 8-1/2" plastic foundation sheets • Nails and Instructions Comes unassembled.
  2. Queen Cage

    Queen Cage

    This handy queen cage has a door at one end that slides open. It's easy to use for transporting Queens around the bee yard. A Pigeon Mountain Brand™ exclusive. Available in bamboo or plastic.
    Pigeon Mountain Brand
  3. JzBz Queen Cage

    JzBz Queen Cage

    JzBz Queen cages have large areas for communication and feeding while leaving the queen a place to hide from hostile bees. Scented with a pheromone, the JzBz Queen cage fits nicely between frames. Use it with our Queen cage cap/hangar (PM9508) to cap candy end and hang cage from a frame. Sold individually.
  4. Queen Catcher

    Queen Catcher

    This handy tool allows you to catch the Queen without using your hand.
  5. Queen Marking Tube

    Queen Marking Tube

    This tube is for holding and isolating the queen so that she can be marked.
  6. Queen Marking Pen

    Queen Marking Pen

    Queen Marking Pen--red for the 2018 season
  7. Double End Transferring Needle

    Double End Transferring Needle

    Our Pigeon Mountain Brand™ double end transferring needle is designed for grafting. Each end offers a different configuration, but both are flattened to get under the larvae with ease.
    Pigeon Mountain Brand
  8. Deluxe Transferring Needle

    Deluxe Transferring Needle

    This is the finest and best balanced grafting tool available today.
  9. Chinese Bamboo Grafter

    Chinese Bamboo Grafter

    This unique grafter looks like a ball point pen. A non-slip grip in the middle section provides control while working. The tip is a small, very thin flexible plastic tab which slides up under the larvae. When you push the end, the larvae is pushed off the tip.
  10. Single Ended Grafter

    Single Ended Grafter

    Great for the close up work required when removing larvae from a cell.
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