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Healthcare & Pest Control

our beeAt Pigeon Mountain Trading Company®, we know how important it is to maintain healthy bees. When Mother Nature alone can’t keep your bees in tip-top shape, you can depend on us to provide you with high-quality, affordable healthcare products. Our Pigeon Mountain Brand™ products have been field-tested on our own hives, so we can guarantee their effectiveness. And as always, our products cost significantly less than other products on the market!


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  1. Bee Maze

    Bee Maze

    The Bee Maze is a great device for getting bees out of supers. Place the bee maze under the capped honey with the screened triangle facing down. The bees can move down out of the super, but they can't return. The weather will determine how quickly the super is cleared out.
  2. Feeding Supplement with Essential Oils

    Feeding Supplement with Essential Oils

    Pigeon Mountain Brand™ feeding supplement with essential oils mimics natural pheromones that induce early brood rearing and helps smaller colonies get on their feet. It also encourages wax building when sprayed on new plastic foundation. And it helps control the reproductive cycle of varroa mites when it is used as a drench. Available in five sizes.
    Pigeon Mountain Brand
  3. Beetle Buckets

    Beetle Buckets

    These beetle buckets are hand-crafted at Pigeon Mountain Trading Company® to attract hive beetles so they don’t attack your hives. Using a special bait on the inside (recipe included in your order), you hang the traps around your hives and watch the beetles fly in...and never come out! Available in three sizes. Bait must be fermented for at least three days before use.
    Pigeon Mountain Brand
  4. Beetle Barn

    Beetle Barn

    To help control beetles in your hive, place a small piece of Check-Mite in the middle of the beetle barn and close the top. Place the beetle barn on the top of frames or on the bottom board.
  5. Beetle Blaster

    Beetle Blaster

    This is a one-of-a-kind handy creation of Laurence Cutts. Simply fill the disposable plastic beetle catcher with corn oil and place between two frames. Once it fills with beetles, remove and discard.
  6. Ventilated Freeman Beetle Trap

    Ventilated Freeman Beetle Trap

    If you are a fan of the original Freeman Beetle Trap, you will appreciate the VENTILATED Freeman Beetle Trap! It is the same great beetle trap, combined with a screened bottom board to create an all-in-one functional piece! Available in two sizes. Replacement tray (PM0274) is also available.
  7. Freeman Beetle Trap

    Freeman Beetle Trap

    This uniquely-designed beetle trap takes the place of the bottom board, allowing you to catch more beetles. The oil tray is accessible only from the back of the hive, which makes it easier to work with and leaves less room for beetles to hide. Available in two sizes. Replacement tray (PM0274) is also available.
  8. Freeman Beetle Trap Replacement Tray

    Freeman Beetle Trap Replacement Tray

    This replacement tray is made especially for the Freeman Beetle Trap (PM0273).
  9. Small Hive Beetle Trap

    Small Hive Beetle Trap

    This trap consists of a tray that you partially fill with a small amount of vegetable oil, and a specially-designed lid that is covered with almost 300 small slots. The small hive beetles fall into the vegetable oil, suffocate, and die. It is just that simple!
  10. Ultimate Robbing Screen

    Ultimate Robbing Screen

    The Ultimate Robbing Screen is an Integrated Pest Management piece from Bee Smart Designs. Some of its highlighted features: • Eliminates robbing and drifting. • Helps prevent transmission of mites, part of an IPM plan. • Prevents mite re-infection of treated hives. • Prevents bees picking up mites from crashing hives. • Prevents varroa bombs from infecting other hives. • Part of an apiary IPM program. • Works with 8-frame or 10-frame equipment; removable sides. • Fits conventional bottom boards and Ultimate IPM Bottom Board. • Includes pins to fit Ultimate Bottom Board or act as bottom vent on conventional bottom boards • 2 independent entrances with separate gates to eliminate robbing. • Easy to grip gates latch ‘Open’ or ‘Closed’. • Easy installation; no tools needed. • Molded ventilation screen controls hive odors. • Optional strap for simple, fast mounting • Proudly ‘Made in USA’.
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