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Bee Smokers and Fuel

Just because we have lots of hives and need a heavy-duty smoker, doesn't mean you do too! So we found a variety of sizes to fit every beekeeper's need. We have "heavy duty" smokers for the large scale beekeeper. We have "standard duty" smokers for the smaller scale beekeeper. And for those with just one or two hives, we have the "tiny but mighty" sizes! Some have permanent fire boxes, some have removable ones. Our Pigeon Mountain Brand™ bee smokers are high-quality smokers made from stainless steel.


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  1. Heavy-Duty Bee Smokers

    Heavy-Duty Bee Smokers

    This Pigeon Mountain Brand™ heavy-duty bee smoker is made of high-quality stainless steel with the addition of heavy-duty construction elements. Perfect for the large scale beekeeper with lots of hives. Available in large and extra large, with the option of a removable or non-removable fire box. Extra large is 4" x 9". Large is 4" x 7.5".
    Pigeon Mountain Brand
  2. Standard-Duty Bee Smokers

    Standard-Duty Bee Smokers

    Our Pigeon Mountain Brand™ standard-duty be smoker is ideal for the beekeeper with lots of hives. Made of high-quality stainless steel and a non-removable fire box. Available in two sizes. The extra large smoker allows the maximum amount of smoke to penetrate your hive. Measures 4” x 9”. The large smoker is 4" x 7.5", making it lighter and easier to handle.
    Pigeon Mountain Brand
  3. Mighty Bee Smoker

    Mighty Bee Smoker

    The Pigeon Mountain Brand™ mighty bee smoker is the perfect size for the beekeeper with several hives or the hobbyist with just one or two hives. Made of stainless steel with a non-removable fire box. The small is 3.15" x 6.1". The tiny is 2.5" x 4.75".
    Pigeon Mountain Brand
  4. Copper Bee Smoker

    Copper Bee Smoker

    Add some pizazz to your bee equipment with a Pigeon Mountain Brand™ copper bee smoker. This smoker is the perfect size for just a few hives. The copper body is 9” tall and 3.75” in diameter.
    Pigeon Mountain Brand
  5. Extra Bellows for Bee Smoker

    Extra Bellows for Bee Smoker

    Our high-quality bee smokers will outlast the life of the bellow. Replacements are easy to order and easy to use. Measures 7.5" x 3.75"
    Pigeon Mountain Brand
  6. Smoker Fuel

    Smoker Fuel

    Smoker fuel is clean, raw, 100% pure, compressed cotton. To light: drop the plug into a smoker, turn smoker on side and light top of plug with lighter. Pump bellows to get the smoker going and the air from the bellows picks up smoke as it goes across plug resulting in continuous cool smoke. Plug smoker hole with cork or wooden plug to cut off flow of air to extinguish.
    Pigeon Mountain Brand
  7. Smoker Pellets

    Smoker Pellets

    Long-lasting smoke makes your trip to the bee yard better. These pellets are made from clean, pine sawdust which ensures that the pellets contain no bark or dirt. Available in two sizes.
  8. Smoker Circles

    Smoker Circles

    These 8" circles are made of 100% cotton. Their uniformity offers a steady, slow burn. They never flame up...they simply smoke and smoke. Simply fold into a "flower" with the loop-side in, light the top edge and drop in your smoker. Approximately 24 circles in each 2-pound bag.
  9. Smoker Yarn

    Smoker Yarn

    This US-grown, North Carolina-spun thread is 100% cotton and perfect for small smoking jobs. Because it's been cut from the spool, it is easy to pull apart, measure out, and light. Once lit, it burns slowly and smokes well. Comes in a two-pound bag.
  10. Smoker Cut-Offs

    Smoker Cut-Offs

    These cut-offs are actually the remnants from the production of our smoker circles. They too are made of 100% cotton, and provide the same slow burn and smolder as the circles. Once lit, they never flame up. Sold in a two-pound bag.
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