Smoker Pellets (#40)

Long lasting smoke makes your trip to the bee yard better, with the Ponderosa pellet your smoke is always ready. (#40)

Weight: 41 lb(s)
Model: PM0313

Smoker Pellets (#5)

Long lasting smoke makes your trip to the bee yard better, with the Ponderosa pellet your smoke is always ready. (#5)

Weight: 6 lb(s)
Model: PM0314

Smoker Fuel

Smoker fuel is clean, raw, short cotton fibers. 100% pure compressed cotton. To light: drop the plug into a smoker, turn smoker on side and light top of plug with lighter. Pump bellows to get the smoker going and the air from the bellows picks up smoke as it goes across plug resulting in continuous cool smoke. Plug smoker hole with cork or wooden plug to cut off flow of air to extinguish.

Weight: 1 lb(s)
Model: PM0315

Smoker Grate

Stainless Steel - For personal protection from the heat of the fire chamber.

Weight: 1 lb(s)
Model: PM0316

Uncapping Tub Deluxe

Deluxe Plastic construction. Perfect for the small beekeeper. For use to uncap frames. The bar holds frames so you can uncap them and the grid drains the cappings of honey into the bottom tank. The grid can also be used for draining out comb honey. The bottom tank has 1 1/2" plastic honey gate. Save a mess and the trouble of extracting for the small producer.

Weight: 30 lb(s)
Model: PM0317

Strainer, Double

Double Strainer for straining honey at harvest time.

Weight: 1 lb(s)
Model: PM0318

Knife, Master Uncapping

Blade temperature is controlled by built-in thermostat. 120 volt operation. Wood handles are cool on your hands. High quality blades are 10" long and 2" wide. Guaranteed by manufacturer for 1 year with all warranties handled by manufacturer.

Weight: 2 lb(s)
Model: PM0090

Knife, Serrated Uncapping

Probably the best "cold" uncapping knife we have found, the double sided serrated knife cuts through the capping very effectively. A high quality tool from Portugal.

Weight: 1 lb(s)
Model: PM0091


Use to quickly determine the moisture content of honey. Only one drop of honey is needed to measure the moisture content.

Weight: 1 lb(s)
Model: PM0320

Bottling Bucket

(Bucket with honey gate) 5 gallon bucket with plastic honey gate. Can be used with the micron filters (sold separately for a filtering system).

Weight: 4 lb(s)
Model: PM0321

Cappings Scratcher

The only "uncapping tool" used by many hobby beekeepers. An excellent hand tool for opening the cells to let the honey out. 20 sharp needles molded into high strength plastic. A must in every honey house. Colors may vary.

Weight: 1 lb(s)
Model: PM0325

Gamma Lid

Transform your bottling bucket or 5 gallon honey storage container into an easy opening, air tight, pest proof container.

Weight: 2 lb(s)
Model: PM0326

Micron Filters

These filters are custom designed to fit securely on the 5 gallon honey bucket. An excellent and inexpensive filter that will make your honey sparkle. Filter comes in Coarse, Medium, Fine.

Weight: 1 lb(s)
Model: PM0329, PM0330, PM0328

Solar Wax Melter - 19” x 24” (Unassembled)(Glass not included)

Solar Wax Melter-19" x 24" The perfect answer for melting up those burr combs and small amounts of wax. Works best when painted black. (Unassembled)(Glass not included)

Weight: 30 lb(s)
Model: PM0332

Honey Gate, 1 1/2"

Make your own tanks with these all plastic Honey Gates.

Weight: 1 lb(s)
Model: PM9301

Honey Comb Cutter

Stainless Steel Comb Cutter, Cut 4 1/8" x 4 1/8" of comb honey.

Weight: 3 lb(s)
Model: PM0092

Pail perch

Pail perch

Weight: 2 lb(s)
Model: PM0322

Plain Uncapping Knife

An economic alternative, great for the beginner beekeeper. Quality knife can be heated in hot water for ease of use.

Weight: 1 lb(s)
Model: PM9288

Small Wax Melter

This 20kg stainless steel wax melter is great for the hobbyist who likes to use their beeswax, or sell it to others. Stainless Steel, Double Mesh, 35cm Diameter, 40cm Height, 10kg Gross Weight, Electrical heating, 220V

Weight: 10 lb(s)
Model: PM0314T

Large Wax Melter

This 500kg stainless steel wax melter is ideal for the large beekeeper with lots of wax. Stainless Steel, Double Mesh, 90cm Diameter, 1.3cm Height, 100KG Gross Height, 500KG Capacity, Electrical Heating Control Temperature: 70-80 degree, Voltage: 220V/380V. Due to size, this item will ship via frieght.

Weight: 200 lb(s)
Model: PM0314F
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