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Parts of a Modern Hive

Telescoping Cover: Galvanized sheet metal fits over sides and top to protect from weather.

Inner Cover: Creates a dead air space for insulation from heat and cold.

Shallow Supers: Used for surplus honey production.

Queen Excluder: Allows worker bees to pass thru, prevents queen from going higher and makes her lay eggs below.

Standard Hive Bodies: Queen lays eggs in these chambers and brood is raised.

Bottom Board: Forms the floor of the hive. (Shown with entrance reducer)

Hive Stand: Keeps hive off the ground and provides a landing area for bees.

All our kits and supers are made of Cypress wood. Cypress is by far the best choice for wooden products used by beekeepers because of it's natural resistance to decay and insect damage. It also lasts much longer than products made with other woods.

For our supers we offer two grades; select and commercial. Select grade is clear with no knots. Commercial grade has knots, but is a solid knot. Nails are included with all orders up to 49. 
Contact us for prices on 50 or more. Eight frame equipment is also available.

frames are made of white pine. For extracting, we have a 3/4 inch thick edge or grooved top bar available. Nails are not included with orders of 100 or more frames.


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